The Sacred Valley of the Incas, located just outside of Cusco, is one of the most breathtaking regions of Peru. This lush valley is filled with ancient Inca ruins, picturesque villages, and stunning landscapes. For travelers who want to experience the best of the Sacred Valley, there are a variety of tours available. In this article, we’ll explore the different options for Sacred Valley tours from Cusco and recommend some tour companies that we think are worth checking out.

Bus tours to Sacred Valley

One of the most popular ways to explore the Sacred Valley is on a bus tour. These tours typically visit the most famous sites, including the Pisac market, the ruins of Ollantaytambo, and the village of Chinchero. Bus tours are a great option for travelers who want to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. They’re also a good choice for families or groups, as they’re usually quite affordable.

ATV tours in the Sacred Valley

For travelers who want a bit more adventure, ATV tours are a fun and exciting way to explore the Sacred Valley. These tours take visitors off the beaten path and into the heart of the valley, visiting sites such as the Maras salt mines and the Moray Inca agricultural terraces. ATV tours are perfect for those who love to get a little dirty and experience the thrill of off-road exploration. Please note that what the companies normally offer is to go to the sacred valley by bus and once there you start riding the ATV to go from one place to another.

Hiking tours in the Sacred Valley

For travelers who want to experience the Sacred Valley at a slower pace, hiking tours are a great option. These tours take visitors on scenic hikes through the valley, visiting sites such as the ruins of Pisac and the ancient salt mines of Maras. Hiking tours are ideal for nature lovers and those who want to immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes of the Sacred Valley.

Recommended tour companies

If you’re planning a Sacred Valley tour from Cusco, here are a few tour companies we recommend:

Explorandes: This company offers a variety of tours, including bus tours, hiking tours, and ATV tours. Their knowledgeable guides and personalized service make them a popular choice for travelers.

Alpaca Expeditions: This company specializes in hiking tours, and offers a variety of options for exploring the Sacred Valley on foot. Their small group sizes and commitment to sustainable tourism make them a top choice for eco-conscious travelers.

Cultural Immersion: This company offers bus tours and customized tours that focus on the cultural aspects of the Sacred Valley. Their experienced guides provide in-depth information about the local culture and traditions.