Food Tour Cusco

Food tour Cusco offers great culinary experiences that shows exquisite ingredients transformed into food. Many of these ingredients used in the food tours and cookings classes are native to the place and were even used in the diet of the Incas. No typical dishes that the Incas have consumed are known, however, many cooking techniques that families have acquired are preserved from generation to generation and today they delight many palates in Cusco restaurants.

The culinary tours and cooking classes on this website show you the most tasty dishes of Cusco food. In these gastronomic activities you will not only eat delicious food, but you will also learn what Peruvian food means and what is the story behind each meal. This will allow you to better understand Peruvian culture and see it from another perspective. Peru is the gastronomic capital of America for a reason, so get ready to discover it.

Why a Food Tour in Cusco?

Authentic tours

The food of Cusco is unique, as well as each tour. In each activity, food, learning and good vibes are guaranteed.


Cusco preserves many things from the past and during the tours you will be able to see architecture left by the Incas.

Meet people

Meeting new people is always nice and much better if you are sharing or cooking delicious food.

Our food tours

Cusco food

Typical food of Cusco

Peruvian food is in fashion and every year it receives many accolades for its excellent flavor and tradition. In Cusco you can find all the typical dishes of Peru, however, in this historic city there are unique dishes that are cooked with ingredients from the Andes such as Quinoa. One of the most typical dishes is quinoa soup, which is prepared with quinoa, pieces of chicken, potatoes and some vegetables.

10 of the best dishes of Cusco

Chiri Uchu

Guinea pig, chicken, fried egg, cheese, fried fish

Fried trout

Fried fish with salad and French fries


Lamb meat soup

Quinoa soup

Quinoa soup with chicken, potatos and vegetables

Baked guinea pig

Baked guinea pig with rice, potato, fried yucca and salad

Mushroom kapchi

Mushrooms, broad beans, onion, panca pepper, potatoes, olive oil, milk, cheese and huacatay


Fried pork with corn and spicy sauce

Corn with cheese

Corn with corn and spicy sauce

Baked pigglet

Fried pork seasoned with garlic, pepper, oregano, mustard and ground chili

Legs salad

Pork feet salad