Cusco is a city that has a wide range of gastronomic dishes at a regional level. This generates the majority of visitors not knowing what to eat. Some already tired of the same foods, look for a different alternative that can satisfy them, we are talking about a healthier option, a vegetarian menu.

If we take the time to walk the small streets of Cusco, we will find from vegetarian restaurants with expensive prices to those with more affordable prices. The important thing is to find a place where they offer a varied offer of vegetarian food and a touch of special flavor.

Green Point

It is one of the vegetarian restaurants in Cusco, which is not only aimed at people with this diet, but also at the general public. Their food is suitable for everyone and everyone leaves satisfied after trying their delicious dishes. The price of the dishes in the morning is more accessible and the price at night varies a bit since they serve à la carte dishes and they cost a little more. It is worth eating at this place because of the excellent quality of each dish.

Greens Organic

This restaurant is a good option for those who prefer to eat healthy. This restaurant has a private garden in the sacred valley to obtain its organic products. They have a varied offer on the menu with delicious appetizers, drinks, main courses and desserts. It is a pleasant environment where you can share the best of vegetarian and organic food.


The dishes offered at Organika are generally innovative proposals for those who like healthy and vegetarian food. This restaurant is almost always full, which is why the owners ask customers to make a reservation in advance if they do not want to queue for admission. The owners of this business also have a small garden in Urubamba from which they obtain many of their products.

El Encuentro

This restaurant is not like the ones mentioned above. It offers vegetarian and healthy food but its average cost is very cheap. This is why not only foreigners eat here but also the local population. The food served here is delicious. You can choose between the varied dishes that are offered à la carte or else a nutritious menu, their salads are delicious. Best of all, you can share a table if the restaurant is full, allowing you to make new friends and avoid waiting.

Lila Govinda

This is a small business in the San Blas market. The owner has become so famous among foreigners, due to her vegetarian Peruvian food. Most amazingly, her food is delicious, inexpensive, and plentiful to keep you full and healthy.