Talking about Peruvian cuisine is talking about its typical dishes, recognized for their wide variety and worldwide recognition. Gastronomic tourism in Peru goes hand in hand with the awards obtained internationally, having the most delicious foods in the world and Cusco is no exception in this culinary variety.

Cusco gastronomy stands out for the use of traditional autochthonous foods rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes, corn and quinoa. Likewise, for the different types of chili peppers and various types of meat such as guinea pig, alpaca, chicharrón, ram, among others. In addition, we cannot forget that the seasoning is in charge of giving the special flavor to each typical Cusco dish.


Delicious delicacy that contains pork meat cut into pieces, to later be browned in natural oil, this culinary dish is served every day in the Saylla district, about 45 minutes from the center of Cusco. A plate accompanied with slices of French fries, salad, mote, broad beans and the inevitable chili pepper or “uchucuta” word in Quechua.

Chiri Uchu

In Cusquenian culinary and/or gastronomy, there is a representative dish that is well recognized by the local people called Chiri uchu, meaning “cold chili”. It is a delicious dish that is consumed in the festivities of Cusco, in Corpus Christi, in the month of June and also in the Inti Raymi “Fiesta del Sol”. This dish is a mixture of guinea pig meat, boiled chicken, chalona, ​​torreja, trout egg, cochayuyo or seaweed, sausage, toasted corn, Serrano cheese, chorizo, and hot peppers.

This food is served cold on a single plate, which you have to know how to eat, some prefer to eat with cutlery, others just want to use their hands to taste this delicious stew. But the trick is to combine all the flavors at once, which will give you a greater culinary experience.


A delicious dish that is served at carnival time. Delicious gastronomy that contains various meats, accompanied with vegetables, potatoes, moraya, chickpea, cassava, sweet potato, pear, peach and rice, without a doubt it is a very varied dish, delicious! And you can accompany it with the drink that you like the most.

Rocoto relleno

Undoubtedly, the creativity of Cusco shines in this delicious gastronomic dish, made with hot peppers accompanied inside with chopped vegetables, and delicious beef and also covered with a delicious crispy mace to taste in several bites, and of course the rich Serrana potato, which makes it a traditional dish of the region for all palates.

Cuy al horno

It is a very nutritious dish typical in Cusco and Arequipa, this gastronomy is present especially in the Peruvian Andean areas, said delicacy is baked and accompanied with boiled potatoes and a delicious salad, obviously the guinea pig goes through different seasonings, to be in your point and taste it.