The imperial city of Cusco is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations for visitors, both Peruvians and foreigns. Cusco is not only Machu Picchu, Cusco is history, tradition and of course fun. If you have the opportunity to visit this magical city, you should not miss visiting the best bars in Cusco. Each of them is different and there is one for each type of person. Therefore, below you can find a list with 5 of the best bars in Cusco.

1. El Duende Resto Lounge Bar

el duende resto lounge bar in cusco

El Duende is the first one on our list. This bar is one of the best and most known bars in Cusco. Here you can taste its famous piteado tea. It will become one of your favorite drinks to combat the cold in the city and you can also try its à la carte dishes. El Duende Resto Lounge Bar is located only 5 minutes walk from the main square of Cusco. This bar is highly recommended for a night out with your friends or partner.

2. Limbus Resto Bar

limbus resto bar in cusco

Limbus is a famous place that you will not only visit for its drinks, but also for the incredible view you will have of the city from its balconies. If you love making pictures, this place is ideal for you. In addition, the authentic presentation of each of its drinks will fascinate you. It is also an excellent place to have a good time enjoying a sophisticated cocktail or a craft beer. Limbus Resto bar is located 5 minutes away from the Plaza de San Blas and the attention at this bar is extraordinary. It is not by chance that it is considered by many to be one of the best bars in Cusco.

3. Republica del Pisco Bar

republica del pisco bar in cusco

Republica del Pisco is a modern style bar. It is located on “Plateros” street in the city of Cusco. In this place you will be delighted by its famous Pisco Sour, the flagship drink of Peru, among other national drinks, macerates, cocktails and a variety of dishes.

4. Ukukus Bar

ukukus bar in cusco

The Ukukus Bar is located on “Plateros” street, near the Plaza de Armas. It offers its visitors a pleasant atmosphere and live shows. In addition, this place is the favorite of many artists due to its beautiful facilities that make it a favorite bar for many people from Cusco and tourists.

5. Rock House Bar

rock house bar in cusco

The Rock House Bar is located on “Tecsecocha” street and is one of the favorites of rock lovers. Its ambiance have the theme of records and images of rock groups from history. Rock House is undoubtedly one of the best bars in the city with delicious drinks to enjoy with the company of friends.