Cusco is very popular due to being the ancient capital of the Inca empire, being very close to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley and for its beautiful colonial architecture. But this city has much more to offer and in this post we are going to recommend the best viewpoints in Cusco and restaurants with views so that you can enjoy the city from above.

Mirador de Santa Ana

This is a viewpoint with a spectacular view of Cusco located in the Plaza de Santa Ana. It is located north of the city, about a 20-minute walk from the Plaza de Armas, keep in mind that it is all uphill and the 3,400msnm take their toll so taking a taxi and walking down may not be a bad idea. From this viewpoint you can see the main square, the ascent to the Cristo Blanco and the view of the snowy Ausangate on a clear day.

Take advantage of your visit to this viewpoint to take some photos at the Arco de Santa Ana that is located on the Santa Ana highway which connects the viewpoint with the center of the City.

Mirador de San Cristobal

The San Cristóbal viewpoint is another of the places near the Plaza de Armas with beautiful views of Cusco. It can be reached in just 10 minutes on foot from the center of the square through Cuesta Suecia and Calle Don Bosco. You can take advantage of the fact that you are here to visit the church of San Cristóbal, and even climb its bell tower to have an even better view of the city, the entrance is only 5 soles.

Whether going down or going up, it goes through Calle Resbalosa, trust me, you’re going to love it. It is a small cobbled street with white houses with colorful flowers and beautiful views of the Plaza de Armas.

Mirador del Cristo Blanco

Located near the archaeological center of Sacsayhuaman, it can be reached by public transport from Puente Rosario street for only 1 sol. It can also be reached by walking for 30 minutes from the main square, although we do not recommend this option because there is a lot of ascent and it passes through areas that could be dangerous for a tourist. If you decide to go by taxi it should not cost you more than 15 soles.

This viewpoint has the best panoramic view of the entire city and is crowned by a huge white Christ reminiscent of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer.

Unfortunately, many ladies take advantage of the fact that this is a very touristy point to approach with goats and llamas in disguise and charge “the will” to take a photo with them. We ask and encourage you not to participate in these types of activities that involve covert animal exploitation. Yes, it is a way of making a living, but in Peru you will see a lot of people making a living in different and ingenious ways without using animals, so better collaborate with them.

Mirador del Inca Pachacutec

If you have bought the Cusco tourist ticket you can visit this curious viewpoint located on top of a monument. We did not get to go, but if you are in the area take advantage, we have heard that it is beautiful.

In the oval of Pachacútec, to the south of the city, there is a stone tower that supports a bronze statue. Inside this tower there is a museum and on the top floor is the viewpoint.

Mirador de San Blas

In this viewpoint located in the San Blas neighborhood you will have privileged views of the Plaza de Armas and a large number of the churches in Cusco. To get here you will have to walk about 12 minutes from the Plaza de Armas. Personally, we liked the views from Kiskapata street (which you go up) more than from the viewpoint itself because there is a giant protective glass that spoils the magic of the viewpoint a bit.

In the surroundings of the viewpoint there are many bars and restaurants with views where you can make a technical stop or enjoy a dinner with views of the sunset. Doesn’t sound bad, does it? In the following section we give you recommendations for several restaurants.